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Accentuate eye makeup with our voluminous and lengthy Starling lashes! The design of these faux mink falsies is intricately stacked on the lash band to add fullness and the tips end with a flair to emphasize fluffiness and a dramatic charm. This faux mink eyelash style is chic on all eye shapes, comfortable to wear on the daily or those special occasions that call for you to step your glam game up for an extra oomph. Complement your finished makeup look with dark, flirtatious lashes that are 100% handmade and naturally appealing. Get the most out of this reusable set and wear them up to 20 times. When the night’s over and it’s time to unwind, remove the fake eyelashes and keep them ready for action through proper care by peeling excess glue off the elastic band and storing them in the convenient tray until your next application.


Step up your flutter game with“Flying Lashes”styles! To find the best eyelash match for you, here are some tips to help enhance and open up eyes for a natural look:

  • Consider the shape and size of your eyes –The most common eye shapes are almond, upturned, downturned, round, and protruding. Heavy lashes may not be best for those with a short distance between their eyes. Going with an eyelash set such as Redstart or Skylark will add light volume without overcrowding your eye space.

  • What are the best features of your natural lashes? – Lashes should complement your true beauty. Work with your natural set, not against them when trying to decide on length and fullness.

  • Mix and match lash styles - Experiment with creating your own lash look by double stacking styles to improve eye dimension and capture the perfect volume.


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