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Dry and Wet, Dual Action Facial Cleansing Wipes

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What It Is

10 individually packed ready-to-go makeup removing wipes, and 10 individually packed water-active face cleansing wipes that remove all traces of dirt, remove bacteria while refreshing your skin.

What It Does

Start your day or night, off right with our dual-action facial cleansing wipes! The makeup removing wipes remove face and eye makeup anywhere, any time. The water-active face cleanser wipes help you deep clean your skin and leave your skin hydrated. Perfect for gym, or office.

How To Use

Remove the makeup removing wipe from the package and sweep gently across the face and eye area until all makeup is removed. Add water to the dry cloth, and wash your face with the activated ingredients. It replenishes and hydrates your skin.

Dry and Wet, Dual Action Facial Cleansing WipesDry and Wet, Dual Action Facial Cleansing Wipes

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