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Derived from the sheer beauty and appreciation for the mystique of nature, Baseblue Cosmetics breaks into the makeup industry offering an assortment of classic, seasonal, and on-trend cosmetics and tools to deliver a luxe makeup line for all. We believe in enhancing beauty with an innovative approach by steadily evolving our product innovation, technology, product functionality, packaging and formulations. By focusing on the “base of beauty”, we connect with our professional makeup artists and consumers’ curiosity through the wonder that begins when they tap into their inner glam potential and use our products to enhance their outer beauty. 


Led by a team of beauty-obsessed executives, Baseblue Cosmetics launched in 2018 to be the go-to source for the latest beauty trends and “must-have” essentials, from applicators to makeup. We value delivering cosmetics products that inspire clients to reveal their own Baseblue beauty while leading the way in makeup innovation and technology. There’s always something to make you wonder, and here at Baseblue, we aim to impress exploration by pushing a cosmetics line that piques interest in the beauty community.