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The Angel Soft Focus Loose Face Powder Set (SPF 25)

This gorgeous powder set made by plaster and comes in with a great detailings and makeup puff, perfect for your vanity and a unique gift.

This finely milled soft focus powder set helps absorbing excess oil and brings a flawless, soft-focus finish to all complexions.  It helps to even the skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores, and keeps skin comfortable all day.

Soft Focus Loose Face Powder Refill Size: 2.36*2.36*1.99inch.

The Angel Soft Focus Loose Face Powder Set Size:6.70*5.63*3.46inch.

 - Cruelty-Free

 - Vegan

 - Gluten-Free

 - Paraben-Free

 - SPF 25

 - Soft-matte finish

Refill for Loose Face Powder Box (sold separately)

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