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Soft Glam Makeup Look for Valentine’s Day

What You'll Need:

1.     AirSponge

2.     Mini Brush

3.     2 in 1 Makeup Brush "A"

4.     Any "Flying Lashes" falsies

5.     Neutral or nude makeup colors


Aah, Valentine's Day! A love-themed holiday all about showing adoration for a special someone or even praising the vanity you have for yourself. Whether you're going on a dinner date, partying with your friends, or treating yourself to a night out, this year's day of love lands on a Friday, so why not glam it up? For the past two years, heavy and dramatic makeup looks have been the trend⁠ — but 2020 is the year of soft glam beauty and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to try it out!

You may be wondering "what is soft glam makeup"? Instead of heavy-duty foundation and deep contour, cut creases and an array of eyeshadow blends, soft glam opts for sheer and matte makeup, shimmery eyeshadow and highlight, and neutral or nude colors like browns, light pinks, silvers, oranges, beiges, and golds. Classic, soft glam applications are achieved by embracing your natural beauty and enhancing your best features for a subtle yet striking allure. Makeup for Valentine's Day is usually associated with soft pinks and deep reds so a soft glam look fits perfectly into its loving aesthetics.

0 (1).jpg

How to do a "soft glam" look: Before applying your matte or sheer makeup base, hydrating your skin so it's dewy and supple makes all the difference in the world to capture a soft glam appearance. Once your skin is moisturized, wet your AirSponge to set foundation, primer and concealer to blend the makeup for a "barely there" finish. To keep your base in place, use a luminous setting powder to bake. The Baseblue complimentary mini brush is a great makeup tool to use for this technique.


Apply contour, bronzer or highlight using the 2 in 1 Makeup Brush "A". Twist the large brush head off the applicator to reveal the small eyeshadow brush that’s also perfect for contouring along the cheekbones, jawline and forehead. Select a contour shade that accentuates depth of your angles yet doesn’t contrast too harshly against your complexion. Clean the tapered brush with a makeup wipe or a gentle soap with water and let it dry to use later in your makeup routine. Replace the large brush head to set the bronzer and apply blush. The bristles on this fluffy powder brush are great for picking up pigment for an ample amount of coverage to cut down application time.


Choosing eye makeup that complements your skin (and of course, your outfit) is a key factor in this glam routine. The best "soft glam" eyeshadow palette should consist of warm and cool mattes to glamorous shimmers. Have fun using the small tapered brush featured in the 2 in 1 Makeup Brush "A" to decorate your eyelids with your favorite eyeshadow hues. Make sure to shape and fill in your brows for a cleaner look if necessary.  


Before applying any eyeliner or mascara, grab an eyelash style from the "Flying Lashes" collection to draw more attention to your eyes. The "Redstart" style is ideal for beginners who like a classic look and can be worn on the top or bottom of your lash line. Our "Skylark" and "Starling" styles provide a flutterier appearance for those who love a lot of volume in their falsies. The durable band on these faux mink lashes are designed for easy application and comfort and emboldens the lash area without the need for eyeliner or mascara.

D1 (1).jpg

Bring the soft glam application all together by picking out the perfect lip liner and lipstick/gloss combo.  Since it's a Valentine's Day makeup idea, show off your Cupid's bow with a romantic pink or passionate deep red color. Even nude or earthy colors in the brown or beige range are great as well. Be sure to exfoliate your lips to get a better performance from your lippies to avoid an uneven or rough application.


Soft glam makeup caters to defined lips, strong eye definition, and a radiant complexion to exude a simple, glowing, monochrome finish. This beauty style is perfect for fancy events and romantic occasions such as Valentine’s Day to showcase your best makeup looks yet! Get in the mood for the lovely holiday by trying a new glam style. Don't forget to tag us in your beauty shots using #Baseblue so we can flaunt your breathtaking looks on our Instagram page (@baseblue_cosmetics).