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Coffee Bean Lip Exfoliator
Designer(s): Nina and her team
Oct 10, 2020
  • Biodegradable sustainable package and all-natural Ingredients.
  • Packed individually, perfect for travel, and avoid cross-infection between uses.
  • Coffee bean extract and coconut oil.
baseblue cosmetics

Baseblue Cosmetics’creative team came up with disposable Lip Exfoliator that are made from Coffee Bean Extract.

Our goal in 2020 is to focusing on environmentally friendly package and also protect our personal health/hygiene.

This year, it is important to focusing on our body wellness by keep. Our team has released a series of Soap Bar in the effort to promot personal hygiene and to help keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses at bay.

By studing all the lip exfoliators that avaiable on the market, and
interviewing our consumer groups. We found that there is a need of a
lip exfoliator that despensiable after one or two uses. Our
interviewees are worrying the lip exfoliators that are in the forms
of a jar or a lipstick could cause infection to their lip, as bacteria
transfer from our fingertip to our lip and back
to the container. It may hold bacteria
and grow the bacterias inside.
This design contains eight to twelve pieces, for up to 20 uses.
All Coffee Bean exfoliator are individual packaged;
baseblue cosmetics
We picked coffe bean extract and coconat oil as our main ingrediances, coffee bean extract has the benefits of reduce reduce, improve texture and boots blood circumlation of your skin. Coconut oil is ideal for smooth and keep your lip mosintureized. We tested those two ingrediance within our team and found it efficiently exfoliates our chrapped lip and help conditions our lip.
Then we choose the shape and the size of the package based on our theme of environmental friendly.
baseblue cosmetics
How to use: Dampen your Coffee Bean with water, and gentaly exfoliate your lip by holding the coffee bean with your finger
baseblue cosmetics